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Rogelio Campa Instructor Notes Page

Page history last edited by John 10 years, 6 months ago

Instructor Notes (from email interview, March 10)


1)  Was this a lesson you used before, in the classroom?

Yes this is a lesson that I used with a second grade math class.  It worked pretty well with the students, we used digital cameras to take pictures and uploaded them a computer.  The students access their images and modified them in paint.  The only problem was that we had to teach the children how to handle the digital cameras with care.  With the online lesson in SL, this wont be necessary, Less money spent on hardware.


2)  Why did you think this lesson would be good in Second Life?

I guess I answered that question above.  I believe that this lesson would be good because we could save money by not having to buy hardware: digital cameras, etc... The students can logon to second life and take snapshot which eliminates the use of that hardware.  SL is just an enhancment of first life, this will benefit our students because it is still associated with real life (SL) knowledge, this enhance their learning curve; from my experiences.


3) Were you happy with the responses ?

I looked over all the student pages and noticed that the students were finding all the different shapes in SL.  I am happy with the responses and think that the concept was grasped.  This will defentily work with any grade level.  


4) Did the students learn what you wanted them to?

I believe that the students learned the objective of learning about different polygons.  The true definite way to find out would be to access on different polygons.


5) Do you think 2nd grade students would do as well?

I think that second grade student would go well on this, they are considered the digital natives.  With the technologies that are out there for them such as games, regardless if educational or not.  They have access to all this technology it should not be hard for them to learn to use SL or navigate around.

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