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Powerpoint and Related Notes

Page history last edited by fsalcedo76@... 10 years, 7 months ago

Folks, AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE is the link to the powerpoint - you can download, work on this, then upload it back in.  Be sure to replace the file, so we don't get confused -  


I found some style tips for SL powerpoints online - it's back to basics! 

1. Use a plain, white background

2. Use very large text. Screen resolution isn’t very high;

3. Make text and images plain and clear


LINK TO DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT -  remember to download, add your slides, then replace the powerpoint all in one session - I think that will work!


4-10-10 FYI

I Fabian edited the PP and aded a conclusion.  Please check it and edit as needed.  Thanks!!


4-11-10 by John

I added some more images and edited the conclusion to include more about our experiment.  I also labeled by slides "A B C, etc." and said them aloud in my audio recording, so Lynda can synch it up easier.  Thanks!

4-15-10 by Lynda

I added attributions and references at the end and another picture.  I need audio from Fabian, Roy, and Alfredo to finish the Camtasia video. 


4-16-2010 by Fabian S. 10:20 a.m.

I converted all PP slides into Jpegs so we can use them with Photo Story 3.  All pictures are only 2.61 MB in size which is quite small and we should be able to add the sound under the 2GB that Youtube requires.  You will find them under Images and Files.  All you have to do is continue to work witht he Photo Story file I will post here.  It should be very easy and small in size if you just give basic information on what appears on the PPs.  Take care give me a call if any of you need help with this.  Please remember you can not go over 2 minutes of presenting your information due to Youtube requirements of total presentation time being 10 minutes long.



John added audio to the Photo Story.  Due to microphone issues on my end, I used another application for my audio, and added it as a "music" track (the only way to import audio in Photo Story).  I manually timed the slides, so it all works at exactly 2 minutes.  It shouldn't interfere with anyone narrating their sections normally...


Photo Story 3 Presentation  (You can edit this file)

Group1 Editable File finished so far Fabian and John


Current finished file (not editable, only for reference)



This file has been edited (audio added) by Fabian, John and Lynda (editable)


Here is the uneditable version of what I have, my photo story is not working, it says file is corrupt.  I edited in window movie maker.  We just need the last audio for it.  Work on it and add the narration (Aflredo) submit it to the wiki as the wmv file extension.  I can edit the file so it pick up where your slide are in.  Thank you.

SL group 1 pres.wmv  



Hello All:


I added my 4 slides (32-35)  to the pp presentation, based on the last version taked last friday from Fabian-John and Lynda , any new update do it from this version please.




And based on this PP slide I Update the Photoshop presentation including audio to my four slides, again do any new change taking this last version.




Thanks : Alfredo Davila   : ) 



Roy Campa

Hello everyone here is the final draft, it is still too long we are going over about 1 min and 47 secs.  Let me know what you want to remove so that I can remove it. 

SLGroup1Project.wmv  ( 4/21/2010 Roy the video has some issues we could fix but only if you re-record your part as the rest of our voices sound like robots F.S.).


I think the version is sent, and is supposedly getting posted to SL... so possibly too late to change anything now.   Any info on how we "practice with this?" or where it is in SL?  John 


I do not believe there is much we need to say except certain things that due to lack of time we could not add to the presentation they all will view.  One of the things I would like to comment is that I currently have a large number of pictures that could help others intersed in the subject of Medical Uses.  I felt that I had to rush and could not explain that SL is great for many like myself who fear going to a doctor and can find ease by attending this virtual medical facilities.  Things lilke that.  I know all of us have something we could add to this presentation after the class has viewed it.  Fabian S.  : - )




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