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Alfredo Davila Student Shapes

Page history last edited by Alfredo Davila 10 years, 6 months ago
Login to SL and begin your scavenger hunt for images that represent each term. 
Once you have found the image, take a snapshot and save as in this example: 
Open up the file in an editing software and crop as desired.  Outline the term, save as in this example:
Combine both images into one, showing "before" and "after" and save as in this example:
Add your image (and comments) to the chart below: 

Name of Shape Shape found in Second Life, then outlined by me Your Comments
Line (Array)




I didnt have any problem to find lines everywhere.


The easiest.


All my finds in "purple".





Easy founded on the beach I think ... I was walking all arond the SL. 
Triangle   It was hard to find this shape, although when I flew around... etc etc etc etc etc etcetc etc etcetc etc etcetc etc etcetc etc etcetc etc etcetc etc etcetc etc etc




The circle was one easy to found. 



This figure I founded on the UTB/TSC area, you can notice some scorpions on the picture ... 






The trapezoid, was difficult. 



Diamond: this shape was also difficult to find , anda again I found it on the UTB/TSC place. Is like an auditorium



The octagon was another shape difficult to find, but finally I founded on the UTB/TSC place.




This figure was difficult to find.



Well this is not a pefect pentagon , but it works.



Since here I tried to find all my shapes around the UTB/TSC area. 


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