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Lynda Cannedy Student Shapes

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Login to SL and begin your scavenger hunt for images that represent each term. 
Once you have found the image, take a snapshot and save as in this example: 
Open up the file in an editing software and crop as desired.  Outline the term, save as in this example:
Combine both images into one, showing "before" and "after" and save as in this example:
Add your image (and comments) to the chart below: 

Name of Shape Shape found in Second Life, then outlined by me Your Comments
Line (Array)  

Although lines are everywhere in this picture, I marked the one for the lamp post. 


Square    This building on the UTB island had lots of shapes.  I have a square outlined here in yellow. 
Triangle   I found the sandbox on the UTB island.  See the triangle I outlined in yellow.
Circle   The circle is outlined around the top of the teleport station on the UTB island. 
Rhombus    I used the same picture again to show the rhombus. 
Parallelogram    This roof makes a nice parallelogram. 
Trapezoid    This may be a little hard to see but the mountain made a trapezoid shape. 
Diamond   I really like this building.  We now have a diamond shape. 
Octagon    I am not sure what this is but I caught a nice sunrise in the background.  It is some kind of stage or arena surrounded by water.  I outlined the octagon in yellow and I took the picture while flying above. 
Hexagon    The pavement around the teleport station makes a hexagon shape. 
Pentagon    This was a strange sight and it didn't seem to fit there but it made a pentagon shape. 
Rectangle    Notice the rectangle outlined in yellow on the right side of the building. 


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