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Fabian Saucedo Student Shapes

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Login to SL and begin your scavenger hunt for images that represent each term. 
Once you have found the image, take a snapshot and save as in this example: 
Open up the file in an editing software and crop as desired.  Outline the term, save as in this example:
Combine both images into one, showing "before" and "after" and save as in this example:
Add your image (and comments) to the chart below: 

Name of Shape Shape found in Second Life, then outlined by me Your Comments
Line (Array)



The hardest thing for me was not finding the shapes but making them fit and look normal.



Once again I tried to find the shape as natural as possible but I was not able to turn this square as I needed it.




This triangle was under ontop of another triangle but what made it hard to cut was the fact that other shapes were too close to it.






I noticed this circle as I was checking out the library.  As you can see from circle one it does not have a white outline unlike number two to show the shape. 


I found this base with some type of fire coming out that reminded me of a diamond shape but I did not do the best when tracing it.  



I had no idea I needed to remove the white areas but now it looks much better!! 




As you can tell these decorations trully show the shapes of a trapezoid. 





I must say I did not do the best job when it comes to drawing my lines.   




The weird part of this shape is that the further away it would change from octagon to hexagon.   




This shape so far has been the hardes due to not finding the typical shaped pentagon. 




This is a very common image that all who need help on knowing the way of using the controls always see.  I just thought it was interesthing that is all. 


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