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John Cecil Student Shapes

Page history last edited by John 10 years, 7 months ago


Login to SL and begin your scavenger hunt for images that represent each term. 
Once you have found the image, take a snapshot and save as in this example: 
Open up the file in an editing software and crop as desired.  Outline the term, save as in this example:
Combine both images into one, showing "before" and "after" and save as in this example:
Add your image (and comments) to the chart below: 

Name of Shape Shape found in Second Life, then outlined by me Your Comments
Line (Array)  

This was the easiest shape to find, since lines were everywhere


Square    This wall was in my first stop in SL.  Only issue I had was having to "socialize" with someone - I wanted to say "I'm in a hurry! I'm doing my homework" - but I just couldn't be rude...
Triangle   I tried flying to see if there were lots of geometric shapes.  The triangle was easy to find in roof structures.
Circle   Circles were quick - you can see I started at UTB island.  Again, the flying and looking down perspective helped. 
Rhombus    My dictionary said rhombus and diamond were the same thing, so I'm using this twice.  Even so, I had to use a trick of perspective to get something resembling a diamond. 
Parallelogram  Since parallelogram is a term for several shapes included here, it was easy to find one to fill this category. 
Trapezoid    Again, I was "socializing" - trying (in vain) to explain why I was looking for shapes - when I spotted this in a fountain.   To speed things up, I teleported somewhere else. 
Diamond   See rhombus above. 
Octagon    I lucked out with this one -  
Hexagon    I had to "search" and then teleport to a place featuring the term "hexagon gazebo" - then up and "click" 
Pentagon    Same strategy - a bit of a cheat, I guess - using "search" -  this was a "pentagon-based pillar" for sale. 
Rectangle    I found the rectangle in the first 5 minutes. 


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