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SL Tutorial (Math Terms)

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SL Tutorial

Math Terms


Students in math will be tutored in SL by using a scavanger hunt to learn algebraic terms.  The student will search for all the terms listed by finding the different polygons in building and the the surrounding area.  Once the student finds a polygon the student must then take a snapshot and save it to his/her computer.  The student must save his/her image and must outline the polygon by using paint and saving it as a jpeg file.  All images must then be optimized for faster loading.  When the student has found all the listed polygons and posted the images, the link to the wiki must be submitted to the insturctor. 



Please read and follow all directions before going to your next page.


Make sure to login in to SL and begin your scavengar hunt for all images that represent each term.  Once you have found the term take a snapshot of the image and save as; term. example Trapazoid.jpg make sure to open up the file in an editing software and crop as desired.  Add line to outline the term save as trapazoidrevisedFirstInitiallastname.jpg exmaple trapazoidrevisedRCampa.jpg Once you have both images make sure to combine both images as one and save as trapazoidcombinedRCampa.jpg.  termcombinedFirstInitalLastName.jpg  Once you have your desired image follow the steps below to add it to your wiki page. 


1.  Please click on your link.

2.  Once you click on your link you will moved to your page.

3.  Please add your image tht represents each term

4.  Add a brief description of how you noticed the term.

5.  Once you have completed the task make sure to submit through email.


Student Pages

RCampa Math Tutorial 

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