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Project Deliverables

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The Cooperative Project is a group effort that includes a research report and group presentation.  You will conduct research on a 3-D virtual environment called Second Life to analyze its potential for instructional and/or training applications.  The teams will use Second Life and its collaborative tools to meet, plan, prepare, and present their reports and presentations.


Working in groups of 4-5, you will conduct research on a 3-D virtual environment to analyze its potential for teaching and/or training applications.  While exploring the various capabilities of the 3-D virtual environment, you should take screen shots or record movies of your activities within the environment.  There are many free screen capture tools available on the web to assist you in capturing and saving on-screen movements.  You will document your research and experiences through a wiki and a 5-10 minute narrated multimedia presentation.  Include the following in your research report and presentation.

Your entire group effort must be documented using PBWiki. Each group will choose a rep to create the wiki site. This rep is responsible for sharing the site with the other group members.  This way every group member is able to access the wiki site and to contribute to the writing/editing process.  Please make the wiki site public (by default) Preferred length:  3000 words

At the conclusion of the project, the team will submit the URL for the group's wiki to the Project URL Database.  The narrated multimedia presentation must be loaded onto a seb server and made accessible through the wiki.

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